Webinar for Payroll Processing Executives


MarylandSaves was created to help thousands of Maryland workers create more secure financial futures for themselves and their families. The program was designed specifically for a historically underserved population of small business owners and their employees. MarylandSaves complements payroll services and other retirement savings alternatives, it does not compete with or replace them. Businesses fully enrolled with MarylandSaves (or another qualified program) can claim a waiver for their $300 SDAT Annual Report Filing Fee, every year of participation.

  • Free for Employers – Zero Setup or Administrative Costs.
  • Easy Implementation – Simple Start-Up and Seamless Management.
  • Automatic Employee Enrollment – Streamlined Participation.
  • Savers’ 5% Automatic Contribution – Flexible Options to Opt-Out or Adjust.
  • Exclusive $1000 Emergency Savings Fund – Practical Solutions.
  • Low Fees to Savers — Affordable.

We hosted an information session on July 26 with MarylandSaves Executive Director Glenn Simmons and our record-keeper partner Vestwell to discuss the details and benefits of MarylandSaves.

Watch the full information session below.


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