Jennifer J. Hammaker

Jennifer has worked on both sides of the business table, with companies seeking investment and with those deciding who receives it. As an entrepreneur and creative, seasoned in community building, she is passionate about connecting the dots between people, places, and projects to build success.

Jennifer is an Assistant Director at MarylandSaves, aiding the team in the successful launch and expansion of a new statewide program to provide small business employers and employees with an important opportunity to plan for retirement.

In 2012, Jennifer was recruited to Maryland to launch TEDCO’s Maryland Innovation Initiative (MII), a $5 million annual fund to invest in new technologies spinning out of the state’s largest research institutions. Her demonstrated ability to organize, attract talent and engage a community created a level of program success unrivaled in traditional university tech transfer. Within five years, over $100 million was raised in follow-on funding by the program’s start-up teams, including global acquisitions and exits.

Jennifer continues her trend to launch and build as the co-founder of Red & Rugged, a global artisan business with its own creative community. She loves a lively music playlist and is proud to be one of the first on her feet among Oriole’s fans to sing and stretch in the seventh inning. For a quiet getaway, Lake George, NY is her family’s destination of choice, and seeing the sparkle of the Eiffel Tower at night with her husband remains one of her most magical memories.

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