Thank You

Thank you for filing your certification for the SDAT Annual Report Filing Fee Waiver. You will receive an automated email confirmation from MarylandSaves after you submit this form. Save the email for your records. It will provide a record of when you filed for your fee waiver and contain all the information you entered on the form. We will share the information that you have provided with the Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT). SDAT is the state agency that will issue the Annual Report Filing Fee Waivers. SDAT will update their employer records by December 10th every year and upload a list of all businesses that have qualified for the SDAT Annual Report Filing Fee Waiver to their website. Business owners can also find their SDAT Annual Report Filing Fee status after December 10thevery year by performing a search for their business at

If your business has been approved to receive the fee waiver it will be indicated at the bottom of your business’s General Information tab. See the red-circled example below.

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