SDAT ID Correction

We need accurate information to ensure you get your $300 annual report filing fee waiver. When you submitted your registration for the waiver, your submission was not accepted because the SDAT number was rejected as incomplete or inaccurate.

Your business’s full SDAT ID number is a letter (most commonly W, D, Z, or F) followed by eight numbers. The full SDAT ID number must be provided to ensure that your business is able to receive the Annual Report filing fee waiver. Please be mindful that several common business filings submitted through SDAT generate an SDAT ID for a registration that is not required to pay an Annual Report filing fee. Sole Proprietorships (SDAT ID numbers beginning with L) do not pay an Annual Report filing fee when submitting an annual filing to SDAT. Trade Name registrations (SDAT ID numbers beginning with T) do not file an Annual Report because these registrations only represent the name under which the business is operating.

When registering with MarylandSaves, please submit the SDAT ID number for your business, not the SDAT ID number of the trade name under which the business may operate. Please visit to locate your SDAT ID number.

Please update your SDAT ID by 12/1/2024 to qualify for your calendar year 2025 fee waiver.

Your case number should be a 6-digit number.
Your SDAT ID will begin with a letter and be followed by 8 digits.
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